Extending a root filesystem in Linux without LVM


One of the great things about working with virtual environments is that if you start to run out of space in a virtual machine, it is usually trivial to extend your disk. I’m going to take the example of a Linux guest under VMware Workstation though this should apply to most hypervisors and flavors of Linux.

If your VM is not using LVM, the steps you’ll perform are:

  1. Extend the size of the physical disk
  2. Extend the size of the partition on the physical disk
  3. Do an online resize of the filesystem to use the new space Read more of this post

A natural progression

I’ve been working with systems and networking for over a decade and a half ¬†and I’ve had the good fortune of having had the opportunity to work with telcos, internet service providers, banks, governments and multinational industry giants. My experience ranges from networking at the physical layer and working on telco wiring closets at remote satellite stations to network load balancing at regional datacenters, from hardening of financial systems to disaster recovery planning, from the automated deployment of virtual images on different hypervisors to attaching storage area networks to clusters of hypervisors.

I’m starting this blog as a vehicle for two goals:

  1. To share my knowledge with those who could benefit from it
  2. To build a network of people I know who trust me and want to work with me

For me, this blog is a natural progression from maintaining connections through linked.in and email.

I hope you find useful information here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through comments here.