Adding new hdisks to a VIOS

I have a customer where they have an AIX 7.1 environment served by a NetApp providing storage. We use these hdisks as backing devices (disks) to serve LPARs we provision for their private cloud.

The configuration is fairly typical, the NetApp exposes storage via iSCSI LUNs to the VIOS.

The Virtual I/O Server is a software appliance that enables the sharing of physical resources among multiple logical partitions (LPARs). These physical resources are typically network and disk.

So once the LUNs have been created on the NetApp head (iSCSI target) and mapped to the VIOS (iSCSI initiator), we can do a hardware discovery to bring them in.

Log in to the VIOS asĀ padmin

# ssh -l padmin VIOS_HOSTNAME
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